EV Basics - An introduction to electric vehicles

Are you new to electric cars and does most of the data in the EV Database make your head spin? Then start off with some of the basics about electric cars first. A great way to start is by watching these short videos that Robert Llewellyn of Fully Charged made for the Energy Saving Trust.

The first three videos cover all sorts of EV-basics like buying, driving and charging an electric car. It also covers types of EV's, government grants, servicing and cost-savings. The fourth video shows how businesses can take advantage of all the benefits an electric car has to offer.

1. Living with an electric car

2. Charging an electric car

3. Driving an electric car

4. Electric cars for businesses and fleets

More information and videos

If you liked these videos, then be sure to check out Robert Llewellyn's show Fully Charged. It's a great show, produced by a small team of very dedicated and talented people. We really recommend subscribing to this channel as the show isn't only about electric vehicles but sustainable energy and all sorts of interesting projects as well.

The Energy Saving Trust has a great site where you can find basic information on government grants, charging and types of EV's.

If you want to start your search for a new electric car, why not try our homepage. It lists all available and upcoming electric cars in the UK by popularity.